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Trying to Prevent a Government Shutdown

Paul Ryan
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By: Haley Byrd – weeklystandard.com – January 17, 2018

Republicans are scrambling to pass a short-term spending bill to keep the government up and running, just 72 hours before a shutdown deadline.

House Republicans revealed their strategy for the stopgap funding bill during a GOP conference meeting Tuesday night, and they plan to whip support for the measure throughout the day Wednesday.

People familiar with the plan told THE WEEKLY STANDARD the continuing resolution would extend current spending levels through February 16, giving congressional leaders a month to muddle through difficult bipartisan negotiations over immigration and budget caps that have gone unresolved. If a CR is not passed before Friday at midnight, funding for government operations would run out, and a politically perilous government shutdown would follow.Republicans are hoping to win over members—including potentially some Democrats—by adding the full six-year reauthorization of the Child Health Insurance Program to the CR.

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Source: Republicans Seek Support for Stopgap Government Funding Measure | The Weekly Standard