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Undemocratic – Bureaucrats

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How a rogue fourth branch of government is threatening our republic

Two years ago this month, we learned of the burgeoning scandal at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – the deliberate targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups – a coordinated move to keep these groups on the sidelines during a critical election.

We are in federal court representing dozens of targeted groups and continue to seek justice in this case. But over the course of the two years when the scandal broke, one thing has become very clear: unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats were at the center of this scheme.

What’s equally troubling – there’s been no accountability. Not one person has been fired. Zero.

The IRS, along with a long list of other agencies, is run by bureaucrats. And these bureaucrats destroy our liberty and threaten our democracy. Read More

Source: Jay Sekulow, www.foxnews.com