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The Unspectacular NOW!

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Time is running out to do something stupid and irreversible. Act now!

“Now,” especially when followed by an exclamation point, or written in all capital letters, or both — Now! — is the least conservative word in the English language. “We must act now,” proclaims a gentleman bearing the appropriately apocalyptic name of “Flood” in the letters section of the Times-Argus of Vermont. The subject is global warming: “It is unjust and immoral for us to leave a damaged and hostile world to our children. We need to act now.” From Flood to exodus: “Act now or homeless could move to San Francisco,” warns a writer in Chico, Calif., and I am just enough of a crusty old right-winger to wonder what the downside is for Chico in that case. Read_More_button

Source: Kevin D. Williamson, nationalreview.com