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Which Candidate Dominates on Social Media

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Of all the declared presidential candidates, the messages from Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz appear to resonate the most.

That’s according to a new report by George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management and Zignal Labs, called the Public Echoes of Rhetoric in America Project, or PEORIA — a reference to the “old vaudeville and marketing phrase about how well messages ‘play in Peoria,’ and everywhere else,” said George Washington University associate Michael Cornfield in an announcement.

According to GWU’s tracking of Zignal data, professors Cornfield and Lara Brown found that Clinton picked up more than double the mentions in news and social media Cruz since her announcement. The analysis tracked 10.3 million mentions of the 2016 hopefuls over a two-month period, from March 15 to May 15.Read More

Source: Nick Gass, www.politico.com