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Why did Planned Parenthood Boot Leana Wen?

PP Leana Wen
By: Amanda Prestigiacomo – – 

A woman whose mission in life is to literally sell abortion was apparently not radical enough for Planned Parenthood.

As reported by The Daily Wire on Tuesday, the country’s largest abortion provider abruptly kicked president Leana Wen to the curb after just 10 months at the helm reportedly because Wen refused to say men can get pregnant and wasn’t aggressive enough pushing the life-ending procedure.

“Two sources told us that Wen also refused to use ‘trans-inclusive’ language, for example saying ‘people’ instead of ‘women,’ telling staff that she believed talking about transgender issues would ‘isolate people in the Midwest,'” BuzzFeed News reporter Ema O’Connor said via Twitter Tuesday evening.

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Ema O’Connor
NEWS: Leana Wen is out as Planned Parenthood President, reportedly pushed out by the board due to “the group felt it needed a more aggressive political leader to fight the efforts to roll back access to abortions.” This is what we reported repeatedly: 

O’Connor also reported that “Wen sometimes went through [Planned Parenthood]’s press releases and docs, deleting the word ‘sexual’ from the phrase ‘sexual and reproductive health,’ the source said. She also resisted using ‘abortion’ as a stand-alone, preferring ‘abortion care’ or other phrases entirely.”

According to a tweet from Wen, she was let go for “philosophical differences” and said she would soon be out with a statement elaborating on the departure.

“I just learned that the [Planned Parenthood Federal Action Fund] Board ended my employment at a secret meeting. We were engaged in good faith negotiations about my departure based on philosophical differences over the direction and future of Planned Parenthood,” the canned president posted. “My statement to come shortly.”

According to a report from The New York Times, sources claimed “there had been internal strife over [Wen’s] management, and that the group felt it needed a more aggressive political leader to fight the efforts to roll back access to abortions.”

In other words, Wen was not pushing abortion as aggressively as the taxpayer-funded abortion business would like, in addition to allegedly refusing to say men can get pregnant, a biological fallacy.

The reports concerning Wen’s departure fly in the face of overused Planned Parenthood talking points about the company being “so much more” than just providing abortion “care.” Turns out, averaging some 320,00 abortions annually is still not enough.

“The new acting president was unanimously chosen by Planned Parenthood’s board on Tuesday: Alexis McGill Johnson, the co-founder of the Perception Institute, who will also serve as chief executive of both Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund,” The Daily Wire reported Tuesday.

“I am proud to step in to serve as acting president and facilitate a smooth leadership transition in this critical moment for Planned Parenthood and the patients and communities we serve. I thank Dr. Wen for her service and her commitment to patients,” McGill Johnson said in a statement.

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Source: REPORT: Here’s Why Planned Parenthood Booted Leana Wen As President. It’s Unbelievable. | Daily Wire

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