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Are Women Powerful or Are They Pawns?

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Scarlett Jo SNL Skit Begs Question – Are Women Powerful Or Are They Pawns?

So, this is funny. Scarlett Johansson plays “Ivanka” in a perfume commercial parody, calling the name of the showcased perfume, “Complicit.” This is to imply, of course, that Ivanka Trump is participating as a quiet, submissive accomplice to the Trump administrations many crimes and scandals.

The skit even goes so far as to ask “how” Ivanka is setting an example for and advancing the cause of women. They accuse her (passive aggressively via badly written comedy, of course) of merely talking the feminist talk, but not walking the walk. By going along with the horrendous misogynistic xenoIslamohomotransophobia of her father’s administration, she is proving herself a hollow vessel of their egregious injustice.

So, what is it, feminists? Are females powerful, or are we pawns?

Are we admirable when we make our own choices, or are we disgraceful? Is it okay to stand free of the status quo, or are we expected to go along with it? Do we get to create our own definitions of strength, or do we have to buy into yours?

By implicating Ivanka as “complicit,” you’re saying she doesn’t have the wherewithal to make her own decisions. You’re assuming that, even as a successful entrepreneur and mother, she is so burdened by the oppression of male patriarchy that she just can’t find it within herself to stand up for what she thinks is right.

To be “complicit” with an alleged crime, one must either be okay with wrongdoing or brainwashed. Such an accusation, then, means you believe Ivanka is either evil or ignorant.

Which one is it?

Is a woman really evil because she doesn’t agree with your agenda, or because she simply has an agenda of her own? Is she really evil because her definition of feminism doesn’t include wearing a vagina costume and skipping a day of work to prove a point?

And is a woman truly ignorant if she doesn’t share your opinions of what it means to be a “strong” woman? Is it truly ignorance to simply keep your head down and work hard amidst the ever-looming scrutiny of self-righteous feminists?

Furthermore, are you really a feminist if you call a woman weak because she’s different than you?
Source: Scarlett Jo SNL Skit Begs Question – Are Women Powerful Or Are They Pawns? | The Conservative Millennial