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Women’s Sports

Riley-Gaines-Lia-Thomas Swimming competition
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By: Caroline Downey – nationalreview.com

Since former University of Pennsylvania male swimmer Lia Thomas stole a title and trophy from then-University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines at the 2022 NCAA Women’s Championships, the fairness-in-women’s-sports issue has roiled American politics.

It’s been two years of lobbying by advocacy groups and activists such as Gaines to protect women’s sports from male intrusion. More than 20 Republican states have passed laws prohibiting males from competing on K–12 and collegiate female teams. But overshadowing these strides is a convoluted mess of court rulings, federal statutes and regulations, and policies adopted by the various athletics governing bodies.

“We’re headed for conflict,” Kim …

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Source: Fight to Protect Women’s Sports Heating Up in 2024 | National Review