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email Starbucks about the Tempe Police

Send an eMail to the Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson.

If you would like some help with how to word your response, some suggestions are listed below. You can choose the parts that fit how you would like to respond or, of course, you can say whatever you think is appropriate. Use copy and paste into your email message.

  • I was outraged when I learned that one of your employees asked six police officers to leave one of your stores in Tempe Arizona because their presence supposedly made a customer feel unsafe.
  • But I appreciate that Starbucks quickly issued an apology for the incident. Thank you as well for your promise to take steps to be sure this never happens again.
  • After one of your employees had two black men arrested for refusing to leave, even though they were just sitting and waiting at a table in the restaurant, you apologized to the customers. Why didn’t you apologize to the police? Why did you have your executive vice president do it for you?
  • After the incident in Philadelphia, you closed your stores for a full day of training on racial bias? Are you going to do the same for this incident? Are you going to put in the same effort to make sure the police aren’t treated badly by your employees?

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