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left_flag Monday, February 13
Monday, February 13, 2017

On the show today, Kerby chats with Stu Epperson, Jr. author and  founder and president of The Truth Network. He tells us about his books, First Words of Jesus: From the Cradle to the Cross and Last Words of Jesus: First Steps to a Richer Life.

In the second hour we hear from Ashley McGuire, senior fellow with The Catholic Association and a founding editor of altFem, a web magazine devoted to the exploration of faith and gender. She tells us about her book, Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female.


Kerby Anderson
Kerby Anderson
Point of View Radio Talk Show Host

Kerby Anderson has more than 30 years of experience in ministry and currently serves as the President of Probe Ministries as well as Host of Point of View Radio Talk Show. He graduated from Oregon State University and holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and Georgetown University (government). He is the author of thirteen books including Signs of Warning…

Stu Epperson, Jr
Author, Founder and President - The Truth Network
Stu Epperson Jr. is the author of The Last Words of Jesus: First Steps to a Richer Life, and founder and president of The Truth Network, with radio stations across North Carolina, central Iowa, and Salt Lake City. Truth Network also develops and syndicates programs on more than three hundred affiliates nationwide. Stu hosts Truth Talk Live, his own nationally syndicated show. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching and playing basketball. Stu lives in North Carolina with his family.
First Words of Jesus: From the Cradle to the Cross
If we didn't need a cross, we wouldn't need a manger. This fresh, engaging look at the beginning of Jesus's life and ministry will change the way you comprehend Christ's early years. With unique, thought-provoking insights and commentaries from many of Christianity's leading theologians interspersed throughout, Epperson unwraps, layer by layer, a new understanding of the young boy who was the Son of Man.
Last Words of Jesus: First Steps to a Richer Life
This is probably the most powerful sermon Jesus ever gave

The last words of anyone are a powerful legacy, often reverberating across generations. However, the last words of Jesus soar above all others because of who He was—and is.

In the Last Words of Jesus, you’ll experience a fresh encounter with Christ as Stu Epperson recounts the last seven statements uttered by Jesus on the cross, providing unique, thought-provoking insights, and interspersing additional commentaries from many of Christianity’s leading theologians and authors.

This one-stop resource and devotional will help you understand more deeply...

What Jesus said from the cross and why;
What His words mean for your everyday life;
Why Jesus came and why He suffered;
How to help others better understand all that Christ offers through
His life, death, and resurrection.
Ashley McGuire
Author, Senior Fellow - The Catholic Association
shley McGuire is a Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association. Ashley writes and speaks widely about religious freedom, Catholicism, and women. She has appeared on CNN and its international affiliate, CBS, FOX, PBS, EWTN, and the BBC, and her writing has appeared in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, USA TODAY, TIME magazine, First Things, RealClearPolitics, The Weekly Standard, The Federalist, the New York Post, and The Huffington Post, among others.

In March of 2013, Ashley traveled to Rome to cover the papal conclave and appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper and gave live commentary for outlets such as FOX News, CNN, and the BBC. In April of 2014, she traveled to Geneva to testify at the United Nations in defense of the Holy See. She has spoken about the pro-life movement, religious liberty, and feminism in academic settings such as New York University and Yale Law School as well as in rallies around the country.

She is a founding editor of altFem, a web magazine devoted to the exploration of faith and gender, a 2011 recipient of the Phillips Foundation Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship, an editor of the Institute for Family Studies blog, a policy fellow with the American Conservative Union Foundation, and the first ever Richard John Neuhaus Fellow at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. Ashley is a recipient of the Susan B. Anthony List’s Young Pro-Life Leader award.

She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and two children.

Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female
Men and women used to cheer: vive la différence!

But now, contrary to all science and common sense, we’re supposed to believe that there is no difference. (And if you insist there is, you just might be accused of a hate crime!)

Our culture—and our laws—are endorsing a worldview rooted in craziness.
For instance, we’re told that:

•Boys who think they’re girls (and who could change their minds tomorrow) should be allowed to participate in girls’ sports—and shower in their locker rooms

•Expectant mothers are now “birthing individuals”

•Coed college dorm rooms and bathrooms are great, but single-sex clubs are a campus danger

•It’s horrible for stores to have separate boys and girls clothing departments (let alone toy sections)

•It would be a great idea for our military to lower physical standards and push young women and mothers into combat roles in the military

If you think that’s insanity, you’re not alone, but you might be surprised at just how widespread—and successful—this lunatic campaign has become.

In her compelling new book, Sex Scandal, journalist Ashley McGuire takes this radical campaign to task and reveals:
perm resident card
Why Courts Have No Jurisdiction Over Immigration Order

Irrespective of how the Ninth Circuit rules in the case against President Trump’s immigration order, our sovereignty is gone. Overnight, our most sacred values, laws, and traditions related to national sovereignty have been stolen by …

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