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left_flag Friday, September 22
Friday, September 22, 2023
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Welcome to our Weekend Edition with host Dr. Merrill “Buddy” Matthews and Liberty McArtor and Peyton Luke. Topics for discussion include Trump’s Meet the Press interview, the economy, the UAW strike, cancel culture and more. It’s a jam-packed show! Join them for all the fun and information!

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Dr. Merrill Matthews
Resident Scholar - Institute for Policy Innovation
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Merrill Matthews, Ph.D., is a resident scholar with the Institute for Policy Innovation, a research-based, public policy “think tank.” He is a health policy expert and weekly contributor at Forbes.com. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Texas Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Dr. Matthews is a past president of the Health Economics Roundtable forRead More

Liberty McArtor Show Page
Liberty McArtor
Point of View Writer | Teacher
Liberty McArtor is a freelance writer in the great state of Texas, where she lives north of Dallas with her husband and two sons.

Liberty earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from Patrick Henry College in northern Virginia, during which time spent a year working as a talk radio producer for WMAL in Washington, D.C. Returning to the Lone Star State, Liberty worked as a writer for the religious freedom law firm First Liberty Institute, and then as a staff writer for The Stream.

In addition to occasional freelance writing, Liberty currently writes for Point of View Radio Talk Show and teaches at a Christian school. She enjoys writing and discussing topics she’s passionate about — life, family, and living faithfully for Christ in today's culture. She has spoken about her writings on multiple talk radio shows around the nation.
Peyton Luke Show Page
Peyton Luke
Media Specialist at First Liberty Institute - Producer of Weekly Webcast for First Liberty Live!
Peyton Luke is a summa cum laude graduate of Oral Roberts University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Convergence Journalism/Broadcast. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Jurisprudence degree at A&M School of Law while working full-time at First Liberty Institute as the Media Specialist within the Communications Department. Additionally, she is the Producer of the weekly webcast: First Liberty Live!

During her college years, she served as ORU Student Body President and interned at FOX News in New York City. Following graduation, she worked as the Administrative Liaison to ORU’s President by functioning in various capacities with presidential events, communication, and representation, while also assisting in coordinating international ministry and media. She later went on to be a church Media Director throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic — where she was on the innovative front lines during the dynamic 2020 communication and media shift within ministry and culture across the world.
Trump at Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee
Trump’s Pro-Life Comments on Meet the Press
The former president’s attacks on Florida’s six-week abortion limit could have deadly consequences.
single-mom-two-sons parenting
The Rise of Single-Parent Families – Not a Good Thing
By: Melissa S. Kearney - washingtontimes.com - September 17, 2023 There has been a huge transformation in the way children are raised in the United States: the erosion of the convention of raising children inside a ...
Labor force participation rate of women who gave birth in the previous 12 months
Working Moms with Children Under 12 Months
The percentage of women who recently gave birth and remained part of the workforce reached a decade-plus high-water mark last year, per new census data.
Pastors Hibbs and Hamrick
‘It’s Not Political. It’s Biblical.’
Pastor Jack Hibbs of Real Life ministry and Pastor Gary Hamrick from Cornerstone Chapel delivered two prominent speeches at the 2023 Family Research Council Pray Vote Stand Summit. The pastors gave two separate messages, yet ...
Kevin McCarthy, R-CA Speaker of the House and members of media
Possible Government Shutdown?
The Republican-led House of Representatives and the Democratic-led Senate are at a budget impasse once again, which could lead to a government shutdown at the end of the month.
Rabbi Illulian
The First Liberty Case of Rabbi Illulian
It is a constitutional right to engage in religious exercise within one’s own home with family or friends, free from government burden and interference.
Trump speaking in National Harbor, MD - US flags
Calls to Defund the Justice Department
Former President Trump’s call for Congress to defund the Department of Justice and the FBI in response to growing legal pressure creates a new headache for Republican leaders on Capitol Hill and may undercut their ...
car frame with "strike" sign
Unions and Their Strikes – Autos
Union's selective work stoppages are gradually choking the carmakers' operations. Are pickup trucks next?
hollywood walk with fist pump and stars
Bill Maher and Drew Barrymore Cave to Cancel Culture
Facing mounting criticism, Bill Maher, Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Hudson have all reversed their recent decisions to resume their live TV talk shows amid the ongoing writers strike.



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