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left_flag Monday, December 18
Monday, December 18, 2023
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Welcome to our Monday show with host Kerby Anderson. During the first hour, Kerby will share a weekend update and will speak with attorney and writer Kelley Keller. They will cover her journey from Marxian Feminism to Faith. In the second hour, his guest is best selling author Mitch Albom. Mitch has a new book, The Little Liar. 

It promises to be an exceptional show!

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Kerby Anderson
Kerby Anderson
Host, Point of View Radio Talk Show
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Kerby Anderson is host of Point of View Radio Talk Show and also serves as the President of Probe Ministries. He holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and Georgetown University (government). He also serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and has spoken on dozens of university campuses including University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, Johns HopkinsRead More

Kelley Keller, JD
Writer | Legal Consultant | Speaker - Publisher of an Online Magazine
Kelley Keller is a professional writer, strategic legal consultant, and public speaker specializing in issues at the intersection of law, society, and worldview. Previously, Kelley practiced intellectual property and technology law for 15 years, preceded by 12 years in various law-related positions, including supporting the president of a legal think tank focused on international intellectual property policy and global trade. She shares her personal journey from Marxian feminism to Christian faith on her personal Substack, Confessions of a Truthaholic.

Kelley also publishes an online magazine, The Savvy Citizen, where she and her husband, Dr. Christian Keller, a professor of Civil War and U.S. military history, co-teach American civics to the general public. Kelley's content focuses on the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, the critical role the Judeo-Christian worldview plays in both their identification and recognition, and how those rights are secured and protected by the U.S. Constitution and the legal system it creates. She also hosts a podcast on the legal history of abortion: I Am Roe, Hear Me Roar. Kelley holds a B.A. from the Pennsylvania State University, Behrend College, a J.D. from The Catholic University of America, and is a D.Min. Candidate in Christian Apologetics at the Southern Evangelical Seminary.
Graphic art of woman drinking coffee
Why I Am a Christian: From Marxian Feminism to Faith
I learned I was an adopted kid in 1978, the year I turned five. Mom read The Chosen Baby by Valentina Wasson to my older sister and me (she is also adopted) every night until we outgrew bedtime stories. ...
Mitch Albom Show Page
Mitch Albom
Author | Screenwriter | Playwright | Nationally Syndicated Columnist
Mitch Albom, a “writer with soul” (Los Angeles Times), is an author, screenwriter, playwright and nationally syndicated columnist. Four of his books, including Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, For One More Day, and Have a Little Faith, have been made into highly acclaimed television movies for ABC. Albom has founded nine charities in and around Detroit, including the first ever 24-hour medical clinic for homeless children in America, and also operates an orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, which he visits every month without exception. He lives with his wife, Janine, in Detroit.
tuesday people - mitch albom podcast
tuesday people - the podcast
“Will you visit?” Visit?
“Just come and talk. Make it a Tuesday. You always come on Tuesdays.”
We’re Tuesday people.
“Right. Tuesday people. Come to talk, then?”
The Little Liar
Eleven-year-old Nico Krispis has never told a lie. His schoolmate, Fannie, loves him because of it. Nico’s older brother Sebastian resents him for both these facts. When their young lives are torn apart during the war, it will take them decades to find each other again.

Nico’s innocence and goodness is used against his tightly knit community when a German officer barters Nico’s reputation for honesty into a promise to save his loved ones. When Nico realizes the consequences of the betrayal, he can never tell the truth again. He will spend the rest of this life changing names, changing locations and identities, desperate to find a way to forgiveness—for himself and from the people he loves most.

Albom’s extraordinary storytelling is at its powerful best in his first novel to confront the destruction that lying can wreak both on the world stage as well as on the individual lives that get caught up in it. As The Stranger in the Lifeboat spoke to belief, The Little Liar speaks to hope, in a breathless page-turner that will break your heart open and fill it with the power of the human spirit and the goodness that lies within us all.
Harvard University President Claudine Gay testifies
Media’s Lack of Curiosity
By: Becket Adams - nationalreview.com - December 17, 2023 Reading the news these days hardly feels like engaging with uncompromising truth-seeking. The stuff the corporate press chooses to pump out now, and the editorial choices they ...
Harvard Health Services
Harvard is Big Business
By: Allysia Finley - wsj.com - December 17, 2023 Corporation is an apt appellation for Harvard and other Ivy League schools, considering they operate more like for-profit businesses than educational institutions. Unlike businesses, however, they ...
Uniformed students write in workbooks with instruction
Classical Education
By: Adam M. Carrington - nationalreview.com - December 17, 2023 Classical education is not a threat. Don’t bash it. Let it thrive as a good for our republic. Is education Republican or Democrat, conservative or progressive? ...



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