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left_flag Thursday, July 9
Thursday, July 9, 2020
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We talk more about Christian worldview today with our host Kerby Anderson. Up first, Kerby welcomes Don Shenk to talk about Tide Global Radio Ministry. Then author James Hirsen joins Kerby to talk about The Church of Woke. His final guest is Stephen Baskerville. They’ll talk about Stephen’s article, “Conservative Diffidence and the Political Exploitation of George Floyd.”

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Kerby Anderson
Kerby Anderson
Host, Point of View Radio Talk Show
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Kerby Anderson is host of Point of View Radio Talk Show and also serves as the President of Probe Ministries. He holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and Georgetown University (government). He also serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and has spoken on dozens of university campuses including University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, Johns HopkinsRead More

Don Shenk Show Page
Don Shenk
Director - The Tide Ministry’s Radio Program
The Tide Director Don Shenk was born to missionary parents in what was then known as Rhodesia, and prior to joining The Tide in 2001 served as a missionary teaching at a Bible School in Zimbabwe, Africa. In addition to lecturing in the classroom at Ekuphileni Bible Institute Don served as Academic Dean, Director of Student Ministries, and also developed and implemented a manual skills training program to enable rural pastors to minister bi-vocationally. Through twenty eight years living in Zimbabwe, and numerous visits to Africa, Eastern Europe and India as a ministry administrator and resource person for church conferences and leadership training events, Don has acquired a wealth of international, cross cultural ministry experience. As the world becomes more and more of a global village, Don’s greatest passion is to reach people for Jesus Christ and to bring them into the Church.
James Hirsen Show Page
James Hirsen, J.D., M.A.
Author | Attorney | Analyst | Speaker
James Hirsen, J.D., M.A. in Media Psychology, is a New York Times best-selling author, international business attorney, news analyst, cultural commentator, and social media scholar. Hirsen has appeared on numerous television broadcast networks and is also a frequent guest on broadcast, satellite, and Internet radio stations around the globe and is a well-known public speaker in the legal, business, news, entertainment, and faith communities. He writes a weekly column for Newsmax.com, The Left Coast Report.
Hirsen, who served many years as a law professor at Trinity Law School and journalism professor at Biola University, is a member of the California and Washington, D.C. Bar Associations and has the distinction of having been admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court.
He is additionally a lifetime member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Before setting his sights on the legal, publishing, and communications worlds, Hirsen worked as a professional musician. He participated in numerous studio recordings, film scores, and performance events and was keyboardist for a number of years for one of the most legendary groups of all times, the Temptations.
Woke Church - creepy
The Church of Woke
All of us need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are uniquely made, that we are here on this earth for a purpose, and that our lives have transcendent meaning.

If these innate characteristics go unfulfilled, or if life’s trials simply wear us down, our hearts become hardened and our spirits flaccid.

Wittingly or unwittingly, we find ourselves on a quest for the seemingly elusive someone or something that has placed these components deep within us.

We instinctively know that whoever or whatever is the originator of these inner sensibilities is greater than ourselves.
Stephen Baskerville Show Page
Stephen Baskerville, PhD
Research Fellow - Howard Center for Family, Religion, & Society & the Independent Institute
Stephen Baskerville, PhD, is the author of The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties, and the Growth of Governmental Power and Taken Into Custody: The War against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family. He is Research Fellow at the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society and the Independent Institute. He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and has served as Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College, and at Howard University, and held Fulbright Scholarships in Poland and Russia.
The Builders - art by Jacob Lawrence
Conservative Diffidence and the Political Exploitation of George Floyd
By: Stephen Baskerville - newenglishreview.org - July 2020 Why does it go on, year after year? Thirty years after the riots that followed the beating of Rodney King, and a half century after the riots following Dr ...
church school children in uniforms
Religious Schools Can Pick Their Teachers
By: WND - thedailyreformer.com - July 8, 2020 Two employment discrimination cases brought by teachers dismissed from their jobs in Catholic schools are not subject to court adjudication because of the First Amendment’s religious protections, the Supreme ...
Harold Uhlig & Paul Krugman tweets
Fired for Speaking Truth
By: John Stossel - townhall.com - July 8, 2020 The online mob came for Harald Uhlig. What terrible thing had he done? As I show in my new video, he tweeted that Black Lives Matter "torpedoed ...
Protesters try to tear down statue of Andrew Jackson
 Fragility Of The Woke
By: Victor Davis Hanson - dailycaller.com - July 9, 2020 A TikTok video that recently went viral on social media showed a recent Harvard graduate threatening to stab anyone who said “all lives matter.” In ...
Little Sisters of the Poor nun on Supreme Court steps
Religious Institutions Are Allowed to Be Religious
By: John Stonestreet - breakpoint.org - July 9, 2020 In a somewhat dizzying (but which will prove, I think, pivotal) few weeks at the Supreme Court, religious freedom has taken center stage. In two significant decisions ...



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