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left_flag Thursday, May 12
Thursday, May 12, 2016
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Penna Dexter is your host today, she discusses how the next president could affect the pro-life movement with Jason Scott Jones, a film producer, author, activist, and human rights worker.

We hear from Tim Born with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Steve Johnson, executive director of communications for Reach Beyond about International Day for the Unreached (May 15, 2016).

In the last segment we hear from Arina Grossu, Director of Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council , she tells us more about The Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act.

Penna Dexter
Penna Dexter
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Point of View Co-Host, Penna Dexter frequently sits in as guest host for Kerby Anderson. Her weekly commentaries air on the Bott Radio Network. Penna’s heart is in educating and encouraging Christians to influence the culture and politics. She has also served as co-host and commentator on other local issues-based radio programs. She worked as a consultant overseeing the launch and productionRead More

Jason Scott Jones
Founder, Writer - Human-Rights Education and Relief Organization
Jason Scott Jones is a film producer, author, activist, and human rights worker.

He has appeared in defense of the most vulnerable members of the human family on ABC, Fox, CNN, and hundreds of radio programs nationwide.

Jones is the Founder of HERO [Human-Rights Education and Relief Organization] a non-profit that promotes human dignity regardless of ability, age, status, race, or geography. HERO is currently working to provide emergency aid to refugees affected by ISIS.

Jones was a producer on the 2006 pro-life film, Bella, which won several film industry awards, most notably the People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival.

He was the associate producer of the 2008 film on honor killings, The Stoning of Soraya M., which won the NAACP Image Award in 2010 as well as the Los Angeles Film Festival Audience Award in 2009.

Jones attended the University of Hawaii, after a tour serving in the U.S. infantry, and he lives in Hawaii with his wife and seven children.
The Pro-Life Art of the Deal: Can We Negotiate with Trump?
One of the things the voters find most attractive about Donald Trump is his vaunted success at making deals — at outbargaining, outwitting, and outmaneuvering the people with whom he negotiates, so that he comes out on top. Whatever we think of his business ethics, it’s undeniable that this is a man who knows how to come from behind, to put on a front, establish himself as a brand, and turn a truckload of rotting lemons into an Olympic pool full of lemon vodka — with supermodels swimming in it. Millions of Americans have turned to Trump in the hope that he will do the same thing for America. They are tired of all the Elmer Fudds whom the GOP likes to nominate, so they’re betting on Bugs Bunny — a fast-talking, scruple-free conniver with a rough-edged New York accent.
Tim Born
Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships - Wycliffe Bible Translators
Tim grew up on the coast of Sarasota, Florida and fully became a follower of Jesus at age 19 through a near death surfing accident. He met his wife, Sarah, at Liberty University where they both majored in Biblical Studies. Upon graduation, Tim worked on staff at Liberty and ministered in his local church (Redeemer Presbyterian), and their college ministry (Reformed University Fellowship). He continued his graduate studies in the Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing further studies in both divinity and nonprofit coursework.

In 2011, Tim was given the opportunity to work directly with the President of Wycliffe Bible Translators in an intensive two-year mentoring relationship. During this time he traveled extensively, learned all about the international work, non-profit philanthropy and the historic period of Bible translation the Church is currently in. He also supported the president with Wycliffe’s one-billion dollar campaign launched to gather the resources needed to start a Bible translation for every remaining language.

By 2013, Tim became the Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Wycliffe, working to connect organizations and churches to participate in the global movements of Bible translation. Besides his contribution at Wycliffe, he has enjoyed serving in his local church, which is part of a global Anglican Communion of more than eighty million Christians worldwide.

Tim resides in Orlando, Florida with his wife Sarah.
Steve Johnson
Executive Director of Communications - Reach Beyond
Steve Johnson, executive director of communications for Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global) is spokesperson for the Alliance for the Unreached for the upcoming launch of the first ever International Day for the Unreached on Pentecost Sunday, May15. The one day event is intended to inspire and mobilize Christians to reach out to more than 2 billion people around the world who have yet to hear the gospel. The coalition, composed of Reach Beyond, Missio Nexus, Bibles For The World, Seed Company and Operation Mobilization, is calling on U.S. and North American churches, radio stations, media and individual believers to take a radical stand and say, “This has to end in our generation.” Prayer, Giving, Going and Advocating are the essential keys to working together to achieve this goal. Tools and resources are available on the web site.
Christian Missionary Says Biggest Threat to Sharing the Gospel in Africa Is Terrorism
Lee Sonius, sub-Saharan Director Africa for Reach Beyond, helps a Kenya town build its first radio station in their district in May 9, 2015. Reach Beyond has planted 5 radio stations in Kenya and 100 stations throughout Africa.

A missionary project leader who works on the front-lines in Africa credits rapid advances in technology and communication for changing the way the Gospel is shared with unreached people, but fears terrorism is becoming a rising obstacle for Christian missions.

"The biggest changes have come in the area of technology and communication. The world has become so much smaller and far more interconnected because of cell phone technology, computers, and social media," said Lee Sonius, director of sub-Saharan Africa at Reach Beyond, a Colorado Springs-based ministry to the unreached, in an interview with The Christian Post.
Arina O. Grossu
Director - Center for Human Dignity - Family Research Council - Family Research Council
Arina O. Grossu, M.A. is the Director of the Center for Human Dignity where she focuses on sanctity of human life issues, ranging from conception to natural death. Her areas of expertise include abortion, women's health, conscience rights, bioethics, pornography, sex trafficking, assisted suicide, and euthanasia.
Let's pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
One of the relentless hallmarks of humanity throughout history is our astonishing proclivity as human beings to obscure or rationalize away an incontrovertible truth in our own minds to achieve solidarity and thus, temporary acceptance, within our own, insular peer group.

But it also remains relentlessly true that such temporary popularity is history's pocket change, and that, indeed, it is courage that is history's true currency.

The purpose of this op-ed is to appeal to my colleagues in the Senate (and also to the American people) in the most personal and earnest of terms to find the humanity and courage in their hearts to help pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would specifically and directly protect babies born alive in the aftermath of an abortion.




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