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left_flag Wednesday, August 16
Wednesday, August 16, 2023
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We invite you to join our Millennial Round Table with host Chelsey Yeoman. She is joined Writer Liberty McArtor, by speaker and author Patrina Mosley, and by historian Richard Lim. They’ll discuss abortion, issues facing millennials, and more of today’s top news stories.

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Chelsey Youman
Texas State Director & National Legislative Advisor for Human Coalition
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Chelsey Youman, Esq., is Texas State Director & National Legislative Advisor for the Human Coalition. Human Coalition answers a common call: to do all they can to remove the stain of abortion from America. They are not simply against abortion, they are for life. Formerly with First Liberty Institute, after working for a law firm in private practice, Youman receivedRead More

Liberty McArtor Show Page
Liberty McArtor
Point of View Writer | Teacher
Liberty McArtor is a freelance writer in the great state of Texas, where she lives north of Dallas with her husband and two sons.

Liberty earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from Patrick Henry College in northern Virginia, during which time she spent a year working as a talk radio producer for WMAL in Washington, D.C. Returning to the Lone Star State, Liberty worked as a writer for the religious freedom law firm First Liberty Institute, and then as a staff writer for The Stream.

In addition to occasional freelance writing, Liberty currently writes for Point of View Radio Talk Show and teaches at a Christian school. She enjoys writing and discussing topics she’s passionate about — life, family, and living faithfully for Christ in today's culture. She has spoken about her writings on multiple talk radio shows around the nation.
Patrina Mosley Show Page
Patrina Mosley
Speaker | Author | Advocate | Founder and Principal - PPM Consulting
Patrina Mosley is the founder and principal at PPM Consulting, LLC, where she guides organizations, campaigns, and policymakers in elevating women's dignity issues with a special focus on the African-American community. Patrina is a speaker, author, and advocate on the issues of the right to life, combatting sexual exploitation, faith, and the black family.

Her commentary has been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Washington Examiner, The Hill, The Washington Times, Townhall, The Federalist, The Daily Signal, World Magazine, LifeSite News, Live Action News, The Christian Post, and more, including over 90 published policy papers, reports, and articles.

Patrina’s sought-after expertise has placed her before multiple state legislatures, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, and serving as an appointed advisor in the United States Agency for International Development. She has had the privilege of serving in various leadership roles at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Concerned Women for America, and the Family Research Council. Patrina sits on the advisory board of Human Coalition Action and is a contributing author to Choose Life: Answering Key Claims of Abortion Defenders with Compassion (Moody Publishers, 2022). Patrina is a graduate of Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in Religion with a specialization in Biblical Studies and a Master’s in Public Policy.
Richard Lim Show Page
Richard Lim
Writer | Speaker | Blogger | Historian
Whether it's through his podcast, This American President, his appearances on the Stacy on the Right radio show, or writing for the Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal, Richard Lim loves talking about U.S. history and the lessons it offers for our nation's current issues. This passion also led him to serve at the White House and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and to discuss history during his multiple appearance on the Global Voice Hall's Washington Weekly YouTube show. He has a master's degree from Syracuse University and a bachelor's degree from the University of California, San Diego.
Barbie - Real World
The Pink Patriarchy-Hate
Does 'Barbie' fully grasp the underpinnings of its own message about what it means to be a woman, and ultimately what it means to be human?
Trump - Released Tax Returns
Trump and 18 allies charged in Georgia
Donald Trump and 18 allies have been indicted in Georgia over efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss in the state.
Iowa State Fair
2024 Candidate Appearances
Trump reasserted his dominance in the GOP race. DeSantis toured the fairgrounds with his family and was interrupted by protesters. Ramaswamy did a rendition of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” And they drew varying crowd sizes.
Maui Fires
President Biden gave the unsympathetic non-answer as the Maui wildfire death toll climbed to 96 -- making it the deadliest US wildfire since 1918.
Ohio Protesters at OH State Capital
Staggering Ohio Loss Ignites Identity Crisis in Anti-Abortion Movement
This soul-searching on the right shows how fractured the anti-abortion movement remains on both tactics and messaging more than a year after they achieved their decades-long goal of toppling Roe v. Wade.
Protesters outside supreme court - MS abortion law
Abortion Rights Won Every Election Since Roe v. Wade Overturned
Abortion has been on the ballot in seven states since June 2022. In each instance, anti-abortion groups have lost.
Partial map of Australia - Bakis
Child Sex Abuse Probe Leads to Australia Arrests After Murders
The Australian Federal Police announced Tuesday that at least 13 children were rescued from further harm as a result of a joint operation with the FBI, dubbed “Operation Bakis.”
Screenshot - Sound of Freedom blasted by secular media
Tweet - 200 sex trafficking victims and more than 125 suspects
The FBI found 200 sex trafficking victims and more than 125 suspects during a two-week child exploitation operation in July, federal officials say. (via NBC)

Meanwhile the media: Child trafficking is a QAnon conspiracy…



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