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left_flag Wednesday, June 23
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Welcome to Point of View’s Millennial Round Table!  Today’s panel is hosted by Human Coalition’s Chelsey Youman! She welcomes Jonathan Teague and Peyton Luke. During the second hour, Ben Courson will join them. What are the issues that Millennials are currently concerned about? Listen in to hear a Godly point of view.

Please call in or post questions on Facebook! Our phone number is  800-351-1212 and the Facebook link is: facebook.com/pointofviewradio.


Chelsey Youman, Esq.
National Director of Public Policy for Human Coalition
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Chelsey Youman, Esq., serves the pro-life coalition, as well as women and their preborn children, by advocating for pro-life policies and jurisprudence; mobilizing and unifying local grassroots to strengthen the pro-life movement and its footprint; and engaging with the public to ultimately strengthen our community’s desire to enable women and protect preborn children. Chelsey’s professional experience includes working as seniorRead More

Jonathan Teague Show Page
Jonathan Teague
Minister to Married Adults - Prestonwood Baptist Church
Jonathan Teague currently works as Minister to Married Adults at Prestonwood Baptist Church. He grew up a pastor's kid and felt a call to full-time ministry at 16. He previously worked as a Student Pastor in churches across DFW. He's received a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication and Leadership from Hardin-Simmons University and holds a Master's in Christian Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Currently, Jonathan is completing his Doctorate in Educational Ministry, with an emphasis on Leadership, from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been married to his wife Michelle for almost 17 years and they have 4 children.
Peyton Luke Show Page
Peyton Luke
Journalist | Public Speaker | Media Director - Cross Timbers Church In Valley View, TX
Peyton serves as Media Director at Cross Timbers Church in Valley View, Texas, where she was on the innovative front lines during the dynamic 2020 communication and media shift within ministry and culture across the world. She is a summa cum laude graduate of Oral Roberts University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Convergence Journalism/Broadcast.

During her time at ORU, she was elected Student Body President, therefore serving as the communication bridge and representative between multiple internal and external groups. Additionally, Peyton’s passion for discovering and representing diverse perspectives throughout society, politics, and leadership led her to intern in New York City at the Fox News Channel, which coincided with the 2016 United States Presidential campaign coverage.

Peyton later went on to become the Administrative Liaison within the ORU President’s Office, where she functioned in various capacities with presidential events, communication, and representation, while also assisting in coordinating international ministry and media.

Being a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for those whom often feel overlooked in society is at the core of Peyton’s personal and professional mission in journalism and leadership. Even while reaching a wide and diverse audience, her intention is to always focus first on discipling, encouraging, and impacting each individual heart in a relatable and relevant way with the convergence of professional excellence and Spirit-empowered culture.
Ben Courson Show Page
Ben Courson
Senior Pastor | Applegate Christian Fellowship - Founder | Hope Generation
Ben Courson is a bestselling author, a TV and radio personality, an international speaker, founder of Hope Generation, and the senior pastor at Applegate Christian Fellowship. He has been featured on Fox, Hallmark Channel, TBN, ABC Family, and other mainstream media outlets. His TV show is broadcast in 180 countries, and his national radio show airs on over 400 stations. He travels the globe speaking of God’s hope and igniting revival in the hearts of his listeners.

Stemming from his own bout with suicide and depression, Ben created Hope generation, aiming to help those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts to those who’ve lost hope and meaning amid their success. The ministry is shouting about the God of Hope from the mountaintops to help people rise out of despair.

Ben’s high energy, humor, and deep Biblical understanding has impacted people from all walks of life. He sincerely shares his own struggles, heartbreak, being diagnosed with complex PTSD, and the devastating losses of his brother and sister. As a social media influencer, millions of YouTube subscribers have tuned in to watch and listen to Hope Generation. Ben is infiltrating old and new media alike and spreading God’s message of hope like fire.

Hope Generation is a play on words that suggests both a personal and collective appeal: Generating hope in God and building a generation of hope. That is the mission of Hope Generation.
Show of Force by a Conservative Catholic Movement
A vote by the U.S. bishops was the most dramatic example of the conservative Catholic movement’s reach since Joseph R. Biden was elected. But the contingent had been gaining strength throughout the Trump era.
60 Dems Letter Asking Religious Leaders to NOT Move Forward on Biden Rebuke Over Abortion
U.S. Catholic bishops have overwhelmingly approved the drafting of a “teaching document” that many of them hope will rebuke Catholic politicians, including President Joe Biden, for receiving Communion despite their support for abortion rights.
Democrat Warns Catholic Church
As U.S. Catholic bishops draft a controversial document on whether priests can deny communion to politicians who support abortion, one House Democrat has implied that the Catholic Church should lose its tax-exempt status if churches ...
Congressional Dems Reintroduce Radical Abortion Bill
The ‘Women’s Health Protection Act’ would strike down nearly all state limits on abortion.
twitter logo
Lawsuit Against Twitter Reveals How Democrats Censor
Lawsuits fighting back against Big Tech censorship at the behest of public officials are mounting.
Biden speaks - hands spread
Democrats Growing ‘Disillusioned’ as Biden’s Approval Plummets
Democrat President Joe Biden's approval rating plummeted to below 50% in a new Monmouth University poll this week, the first time Biden has ever fallen below 50% in the poll since taking office in January.
Yeonmi Park, N Korea defector - Columbia U & NK Univ
N. Korean Defector Slams ‘Woke’ US Schools
A North Korean defector who attended Columbia said even the regime she grew up in "was not this nuts" after she got a taste of "woke" indoctrination.
Ibram X. Kendi author
Critical Race Theory Resource
The march of critical race theory through American institutions appears to be gathering momentum. In light of this development, here is a list of articles  from across the web.
Sen Cruz speaks at Faith & Freedom Coalition
Ted Cruz Calls on Church to ‘Wake Up’ Defeat ‘Woke Assault’
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, called for the Church to “wake up” if the “woke assault” is to be defeated in the United States.



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