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left_flag Wednesday, September 20
Wednesday, September 20, 2023
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Penna Dexter is the guest-host of today’s show. After a biblical perspective on today’s news, she welcomes author Amy Carney. They will discuss how COVID prompted parents to get involved in the public schools.

In the second hour, Penna’s guests are Sam and Kevin Sorbo. First Kevin’s wife, Sam Sorbo  talks about the new  film: “Miracle in East Texas.” and about homeschooling. Then Kevin brings us his perspective on the film that he directed and co-produced and stars in with Sam.

We look forward to hearing your perspective, give us a call at 800-351-1212 or post a question on facebook at www.facebook.com/pointofviewradio.

Penna Dexter
Penna Dexter
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Point of View Co-Host, Penna Dexter frequently sits in as guest host for Kerby Anderson. Her weekly commentaries air on the Bott Radio Network. Penna’s heart is in educating and encouraging Christians to influence the culture and politics. She worked as a consultant overseeing the launch and production of the Family Research Council’s nationally syndicated radio program, Washington Watch Weekly. For eight yearsRead More

Amy Carney Show Page
Amy Carney
Author | School Reform Advocate | School Board Member - Parent on Purpose
Amy is the Author of Parent on Purpose and speaks to moms and dads about the importance of raising their children with more intentionality. Her work has evolved into empowering parents to stand up for education reform in Arizona and around the country. Amy is a mother of six and an advocate for foster care adoption. She is currently serving a 4-year term on the Scottsdale Unified School Board, having won her seat in the Nov. 2022 election.
Amy Carney at Maricopa Court house
Not a ‘Moment’, but a ‘Movement’: Arizona Mom Finds New Calling in Race for School Board
Amy Carney is an author, accomplished public speaker, wife and more. So why is she adding one more significant role – school board candidate – to her plate?  Simple: Because of her role as a ...
Sam Sorbo Show Page
Sam Sorbo
Author | Actress | Documentary Producer | Linguist - Podcast Host | Home School Advocate
After high school in Pittsburgh, PA, Sam studied biomedical engineering at Duke University before pursuing a career in modeling which allowed her to travel and become fluent in five languages. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, landing roles in several films including BONEFIRE OF THE VANITIES and TWENTY BUCKS and television programs including “Chicago Hope,” and “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.” It was on the set of “Hercules” she met Kevin Sorbo. They married and moved to New Zealand. Her more recent film roles include HOPE BRIDGE, JUST LET GO, and LET THERE BE LIGHT which she co-wrote. She produces documentaries like SYSTEMATIC DECEPTION and IRRELIGIOUS NATION. Sam is also the author of several books including They’re YOUR Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate and Teach from Love that encourages families to talk about faith and instill virtue in their children. She and Kevin have co-authored True Faith: Embracing Adversity to Live in God’s Light, and Share the Light. A nationally recognized homeschooling expert, Sam is the nationally syndicated host of The Sam Sorbo Show and speaks publicly around the country. She and Kevin have three children that they home schooled.
Kevin Sorbo Show Page
Kevin Sorbo
Producer | Writer | Actor | Author - Sorbo Studios
Kevin’s mother worked as a nurse and his father taught junior high school. In college, Kevin had a double major in business and acting. He paid his college tuition by modeling and acting in commercials. After three years in Europe, Kevin moved to Los Angeles in the late 80’s to pursue acting full time. He made appearances on “Cheers,” “Murder She Wrote,” and “The Commish” and landed the lead in two TV pilots. He received international stardom when he booked the lead role in “Hercules, the Legendary Journeys.” While filming Hercules in 1996, he met Sam Jenkins and they married in 1998. Following that success, Kevin secured the lead role as Captain Dylan Hunt in “Andromeda” and several independent films including WHAT IF, SOUL SURFER, and GOD’S NOT DEAD one of the most profitable faith films to date. He also directed, acted in, and produced LET THERE BE LIGHT which was ranked number 4 out of the top 10 family movies of that year. He has produced and narrated several documentaries including AGAINST THE TIDE, BEFORE THE WRATH, which was No. 1 on Amazon for five months, PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: EXODUS, and EATING WITH THE ENEMY. He and Sam co-authored two books: True Strength and True Faith. He also co-stars in the upcoming film REAGAN with Dennis Quaid.
Miracle in East Texas Movie poster
Miracle in East Texas Trailer and Tickets
MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS is inspired by a true story and centers around two con-men during the Great Depression who convince lonely widows to invest in their worthless oil wells. When their scheme is exposed, the unthinkable happens! The movie was filmed in and around the beauty of Alberta and Calgary Canada.
Texas State Library
States Cut Ties with American Library Association
By: Hannah Natanson - washingtonpost.com - September 17, 2023 Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) picked an unusual foil during a Judiciary Committee hearing last week about the historic rise in challenges to school books. When it was his ...
Private School Choice
States That Passed or Expanded School Choice
A wave of Republican-controlled states engineered a slew of legislative victories on school choice, with more than a half dozen enacting universal school choice programs during the 2023 legislative session.
Sen. Fetterman
Dressing Down an Unserious Senator
Axios reported Sunday that “Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., quietly has directed the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms to no longer enforce the chamber’s informal dress code for its members.” "Senators are able to choose ...



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