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Stock Donations & Transfers

Share of Stock

Greatly increase your tax-deduction by giving appreciated stock!

As you consider making your year-end gift, let me suggest a way you can greatly increase your tax deduction. If you have stock that has appreciated in value that you plan to sell, consider giving the stock instead. You will still get a tax deduction for the full amount of your gift, but you also avoid paying the capital gains tax on the appreciated value of your stock.

If you would like to make a gift of stock to Point of View, contact your stockbroker or financial advisor and let them know you want to make a gift of stock. Tell them which stock you want to donate and how many shares. Your broker/advisor or your financial institution can initiate the stock transfer with the following information:

Client Name: Point of View Ministries
Receiving Firm: Pershing, LLC
DTC# 0443
For Credit to account #: 5HQ732172

If the broker has questions about the process that you cannot answer, have them call Warren Kelley at 972-692-1377.

One important note: if you would like an acknowledgement from Point of View for your stock gift, please let us know which stock you plan to donate and the number of shares. Your information is not given to us at the time the stock is transferred, and we will not be able to send an acknowledgment of your gift unless you let us know about the transfer. You can call us at 800-227-1444 or email us at stockgift@pointofview.net.