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Support Pro-life Pregnancy Centers

CA Pregnancy Center
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Roe v. Wade has been overturned! In deciding the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the US Supreme Court ruled that there is no constitutional right to abortion. Now, it’s up to states to decide their own abortion laws.

Now that Roe is overturned, pregnancy resource centers will continue doing what they have been doing for years—supporting women and saving unborn lives. But they may also face violence.

Before the Dobbs decision was even released, angry pro-abortion activists targeted pro-life pregnancy centers with vandalism and arson. And they have threatened more violence.

Now is a crucial time for pro-lifers like you to step up and support these pregnancy resource centers.

I encourage you to call your local pregnancy resource center and ask what their needs are. Do they need monetary donations? Physical donations (such as diapers or baby items for new moms)? Volunteers? Are they interested in partnering with your church? Find out what they need and pray about how you can help.

To find out if there is a pregnancy resource center near you, click on this link from Care-Net.org and enter your zip code.

You can also click here to see if Human Coalition, the pro-life organization where Point of View’s Millennial Round Table host Chelsey Youman works, has any volunteer or advocacy opportunities in your area.

Let’s praise God that Roe v. Wade is no more—and then get to work supporting those on the frontlines of the pro-life movement.