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The Left Wants to Federalize CRT in Schools

Stop teaching CRT
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The latest version of the Civics Secures Democracy Act (CSDA) seems harmless but could federalize Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public schools. 

Even though the bill doesn’t include overtly radical language, it will likely promote CRT by funneling $6 billion in federal funds through grants to various pro-CRT groups and speakers.

The CSDA claims it will help “close gaps in civic knowledge and achievement among traditionally underserved students.” That’s the danger—it sounds so benign that many senators may co-sponsor the bill unless they hear from their constituents. 

Stanley Kurtz has been researching CRT for years and warns in National Review how the Left will use the CSDA to promote CRT: 

“In the eyes of the leftist civics community (which now dominates the civics field), the ‘civic empowerment gap’ between ‘traditionally underserved’ students and others can only be redressed through a complete reinvention of American history and civics. … In short, the dominant view among the civics education establishment is that ‘traditionally underserved’ students will only engage with civics on one condition: that civics itself becomes CRT.”

“The Biden administration has shown itself to be a persistent backer of critical race theory in our schools,” Kurtz also points out. Those applying for grant money under the CSDA will know this and be pressured to implement Leftist ideology in their civics programs. 

If you have concerns about the CSDA, contact your senators today. We have provided a suggested message that you can edit to reflect your exact opinion. 

Contact your senators.