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Tell Congress to Support the WHO Withdrawal Act

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It’s time the US left the World Health Organization (WHO). If you agree, contact your US representative today and ask them to support H.R.79, the WHO Withdrawal Act.

Introduced this year by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), the WHO Withdrawal Act would repeal the 1948 law that authorized our nation to join WHO. It requires the President of the US to immediately withdraw from the organization. It also makes sure federal dollars won’t support any kind of US participation in WHO.

WHO claims to be an unbiased medical authority. We’ve seen, however, that WHO promotes practices and policies that are not always evidence-based, but politically correct. Often the organization promotes policies out of deference to particular parties, persons, or ideologies that do not represent all Americans or have our best interests in mind.

A recently proposed treaty from WHO is especially concerning. Voluntary signatories (including the US—potentially without Senate approval) would grant WHO authority to declare future pandemics. It would also move WHO from an advisory position to one that directs and coordinates international pandemic health policies, as well as controlling pandemic-related information and medical supply chains.

Remaining a member of the World Health Organization is an unnecessary and even harmful use of US funds. It’s time to reclaim our independence and sovereignty in matters of health policy and information and withdraw from WHO. If you agree, support the WHO Withdrawal Act today with a message to your US representative.

We’ve made it easy for you to contact your representative. Feel free to sign the suggested message or edit it to reflect your exact concerns.

Contact your US Representative.