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Abortions and African-Americans

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Abortion is devastating the black population in America. In an article by Star Parker and Gary Bauer in a past edition of the The Weekly Standard, they lay out statistics showing how abortion is affecting African-Americans more than any other identifiable group or population.

They point out that President Obama’s “ascendance to the White House has been almost uniformly regarded as a complete victory for black Americans, it also stands to exacerbate one of the black community’s most intractable problems: the destruction of black children in the womb.”

Legalized abortion in this country has led to the killing of over 50 million unborn Americans. But the percentage of abortions varies and is higher in the African-American community than in any other. Nearly half of black pregnancies end in abortion. Three in five black women will abort a child. That means that 1,500 black Americans are aborted every single day.

What has this done to the African-American population in America? Abortion has reduced the black population by roughly one-third because of abortion. And the disparity among racial groups is widening according to recent reports.

In the last twenty years, the share of all abortions performed on white women decreased from 45 percent to 35 percent. By contrast, the percentage share of abortions performed on black women increased from 32 percent to 37 percent. Since blacks now constitute 13 percent of the population, this means that black babies were aborted about five times the rate of white babies.

A study in Canada shows that the high abortion rate among black women is also a “probable cause” for the disproportionately high rate of subsequent premature births among blacks. That rate is three to four times higher than for women of other ethnic groups.

Abortion has had a devastating impact on America, but the greatest devastation has been among the African-American community.

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