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Abusing James Younger

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Penna Dexternever miss viewpoints

Five years ago, in a one-hour radio interview, Jeff Younger told me the story of his battle to save his then-six-year-old son, James. When he was 3, his mother, Jeff’s ex-wife Anne Georgulas, began dressing and treating James as a girl. She began taking him to a transgender-affirming therapist. She obtained a court order enjoining Jeff from dressing James as a boy for school, from teaching him that he is a boy, and from providing religious teachings about sexuality and gender.

James’ mother instructed school authorities that he be treated as a girl. He goes to school, dressed as a girl and obediently answers to his girl name, “Luna.” But, with his dad and twin brother Jude, James is all boy. And, with family friends, he would always play with the boys, as a boy.

As James’s mom, a pediatrician, orchestrated his social transition, his father spent time and money fighting her in Texas courts. In 2019 Jeff lost custody of James and Jude. He did eventually manage to win a court order prohibiting Anne from subjecting James to gender mutilation surgery or hormone treatments.

In late 2022, Anne and the twins moved to California. Jeff maintains that, despite the Texas Supreme Court’s prohibition, Anne initiated the move to take advantage of California’s “trans refuge” laws.

These laws were strengthened in January 2023 when California Senate bill 107 took effect. One provision prohibits the state from enforcing court orders from other states that seek to remove custody from a parent who has moved to California to transition their child.

The question is: will Anne Georgulas now procure puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and surgical castration for James?

Jeff Younger is convinced that California laws now allow her to do exactly that—and she will.

He’s still protesting, but will not even be allowed to testify at a May 30 court hearing in Los Angeles although several pro-trans “experts” will take the stand.

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