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Cancel Culture Goes Crazy

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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Cancel culture has been around for some time. Most of us have a few examples of the crazy reactions from the woke mob. But the worst may have taken place earlier this month when a musician was cancelled for mentioning a book he read.

Matt Walsh observes that “Just when you think we have made it to the farthest reaches of cultural lunacy, and of the cowardice that enables that lunacy, we find still deeper depths to plunge.” Winston Marshall is the banjo player and lead guitarists for the group Mumford and Sons and merely posted this tweet mentioning the Antifa exposé by Andy Ngo: “Finally had the time to read your important book. You’re a brave man.” That’s all he said, but that was enough for the cancel culture mob to come down on his head.

Now, you might wonder if there was something else in his past. Three years ago. the group invited Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson to visit their London studios. He had his picture with Dr. Peterson, and that drew controversy.

People were calling for Marshall to be fired. People were calling him all sorts of names and making unfair accusations. He might have posted a response reminding critics that all he did was to say he read the book. He could have argued that you can’t criticize him for reading a book that you probably haven’t even read.

But that’s not what Marshall said. He deleted the tweet (and apparently many others) and wrote the usual groveling apology about coming to “better understand the pain caused by the book I endorsed.” He then went on to say he would be “taking time away from the band to examine my blind spots.”

The apology, of course, did nothing to help his situation but unfortunately did everything to embolden the woke mob to go after another celebrity that strays from leftist ideology.viewpoints new web version

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