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Canceling Race Theory

Cancelled Critical Race Theory
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

When the Trump Administration decided to cancel federal training sessions on Critical Race Theory, you knew there would be criticism. What may be surprising is how easy it might be to respond to that criticism.

For example, deans of University of California law schools signed an open letter criticizing President Trump and his administration. And then David Marshall wrote an open letter to these professors. Here are the first two points in his lengthy letter.

First, the professors say they write with “one voice.” Marshall asks whether such “unity of opinion should trouble you?” Nearly all professors in the humanities and social sciences at American universities are left-wing. He also quotes one law professor who talks about how descriptions on positions were rewritten when the best applicants were right-of-center. No wonder these deans can speak with one voice. The liberal, progressive voice is usually the only one allowed.

Second, they complain that Trump decided to “ban federal employees from learning about Critical Race Theory through trainings.” Marshall responds that any federal worker can buy copies of White Fragility and meditate on the book over the weekend. Why should the citizens of the US pay to train federal employees in a controversial theory?

Here is an even more relevant question. Why should we even be teaching critical race theory when it rests on neo-Marxist ideas? Lest you think that is too strong a statement, I would recommend you take a moment and read just one of the many articles being written by evangelical Christians on this race theory. Pastor John MacArthur has written about theological errors of Critical Race Theory. Professor Doug Groothuis also provides a powerful critique of Critical Race Theory.

We shouldn’t be teaching this race theory, and certainly shouldn’t have US taxpayers paying for it.viewpoints new web version

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