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Climate Alarmists

North American Snow Pack
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

One advantage of being an alarmist is that you never have to admit you were wrong. Covid alarmists warned us that there would be so many Covid infections, you would call 911 and no one would be there to answer your call. Economic alarmists have predicted dozens of the last two recessions.

Sterling Burnett argues that climate alarmists get away with much more than any other of these alarmists. Polar bears will go extinct. Rising sea levels will submerge Miami and Manhattan. Children will never see snow again.

In some of his recent posts and articles, he decided to poke fun at the alarmists who argued that a warmer world would mean the disappearance of snow. His first comments were back in July, but he has updated them now when some parts of the country are having record snow falls.

Of course, one season of snow shouldn’t be used to predict anything. That’s why it makes sense to look at the data cited in Climate at a Glance: Snowpack. It shows that the average North American snowpack extent is virtually unchanged when you compare these recent years to the late 1960s when those satellite measurements began.

But alarmists and the media never let facts get in their way of their scary headlines. The Washington Post published an article with the title: “Snow may vanish for years at a time in Mountain West with climate warming.” The New York Times predicted that “Skiing is an endangered sport, caught between a warming planet and a global pandemic.”

You have probably noticed that every time there is an unusual weather pattern or a weather-related disaster, it is always linked to climate change. But these dire predictions by alarmists never seem to occur. If you are a climate alarmist, you never have to admit you were wrong.viewpoints new web version

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