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Coming Reset

2022 Midterm Election
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

President Biden recently suggested that the war in Ukraine will usher in a “new world order.” We have heard that before from other presidents, both Democratic and Republican. As I mentioned in a previous commentary, globalists are convinced that we need a “great reset.”

Victor Davis Hanson believes a real reset is coming. It should arrive around November of this year, when American voters say no to all that has been taking place over the last few years. He reminds us of what we have been seeing: “fleeing from Afghanistan, the embrace of critical race theory, trying to end the filibuster, pack the court, junk the Electoral College, and nationalize voting laws.”

In every case (it seems) these formulations of the new world order and the great reset involve more government, with more and more power to unelected bureaucrats. The average American, they believe, is incapable of making wise choices, so we must let our more educated and sophisticated betters make all the important decisions for us.

We have noticed that the rules they set down for us never seem to apply to our leaders. “We common folk must quit fossil fuels, but not those who need to use corporate jets.” We can’t have walls on the border, but walls must “protect the homes of Nancy Pelosi, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates.”

They also never can explain why so many around the world want to come to America given that these same leaders are always criticizing this country. “Few asked how a supposedly noxious West of some 2,500 years duration became the number one destination of millions of global non-Western migrants and offered the greatest degree of global prosperity and freedom for its citizens.”

There is a reset coming. Look for it on election day in November of this year.viewpoints new web version

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