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Deadly Experiment

kids lab experiment explosion
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Victor Davis Hanson argues that “once the Left took the presidency, the House, and the Senate, they tried a deadly experiment on the American people.” The election last week changed the future direction of Congress, but the president and his cabinet are still responsible for foreign policy, military policy, and national security.

He reminds us that the president and his military advisers are “quiet about the depletion of its critical stocks of weaponry.” The government has sent billions of dollars of howitzer shells, javelin missiles, and rocket launchers to Ukraine. As I mentioned in a previous commentary, it will be years before we will have replenished our own arsenals.

He is alarmed that our “broken Navy is ossifying as China expands its fleet in expectation of absorbing Taiwan.” The Heritage Foundation 2023 Index of Military Strength rates the US military as weak. The Navy requires a fleet of 350 ships but has shown a “persistent inability to arrest and reverse the continued diminution of its fleet.”

The Air Force was given a “very weak” rating. Aging aircraft and poor pilot training and retention are consistent problems. And the Army recruitment rate is off by 50 percent.

Vice President Kamala Harris has been given the title of Border Czar but avoids going to our porous border. When she has traveled overseas, she demonstrates that she “has no idea what North Korea’s official name is” but seems to believe it is a US ally.

Our national security depends on energy, yet we learn there is only a 25-day supply of diesel fuel. Meanwhile, this administration continues to drain the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The President, Vice President, and cabinet don’t seem up to these challenges. That is why we truly need to pray for our country’s leadership.viewpoints new web version

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