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Why Bad Looks Good- Biblical Wisdom to Make Smart Choices in Life, Love, and Friendship by Wendy Patrick
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Christians have always needed discernment, but we especially need to develop our skill at discernment in our confused world. One book I would recommend is: Why Bad Looks Good: Biblical Wisdom to Make Smart Choices in Life, Love, and Friendship. The author is Dr. Wendy Patrick. She is a career prosecutor with not only a law degree but a master’s degree and a doctorate in theology. Her book helps you avoid falling victim to the hazards of misperception that she has seen in courtrooms as well as in life.

For example, she warns about the deception of public perception. We live in a world where abnormal is portrayed as normal. It is easy to follow the crowd right off a cliff. That is why her chapter begins with 2 Corinthians 4:4 where Paul reminds us that “the god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers.”

Another chapter talks about when bad appears beautiful. She has seen this in her experience in prosecuting sexual predators. That is why she begins that chapter with John 7:24 where Jesus admonishes the disciples to “stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.”

Another chapter advises us to use discernment when bad sounds good. We live in a world where smooth talkers can convince us and our friends of ideas that are counter to biblical wisdom. We should also be alert to the dark side of praise. Psalm 55:21 warns us about people whose “talk is smooth as butter.”

Another chapter explains how to react when bad feels good. We live in a world that emphasizes emotion over logic and flash over substance. Ecclesiastes 1:8 warns that “the eye never has enough of seeing.”

If you want to improve your skill at discernment, I recommend you get a copy of her book.viewpoints new web version

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