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Woman comforts two others
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

One phrase I frequently use on my radio program is this, “Each year researchers spend millions of dollars to discover what most moms already know.” This comment certainly applies to a study reported a few weeks ago in Fortune. Here’s the headline: “Women are more empathetic than men, study of hundreds of thousands of people finds.”

Women are more empathetic than men. Who knew? Just about everyone with a little common sense. But we live in a world that seems lacking in common sense.

This was best illustrated by a sarcastic tweet posted by Dr. Michael Brown. He said this study “leads to two startling revelations: 1) there is such a thing as women and men, 2) there are real differences between women and men.”

I thought we couldn’t give an accurate definition of a woman. We have a Supreme Court Justice who could not answer the question about “what is a woman?” We also have the film documentary by Matt Walsh “What is a Woman?” that provides numerous interviews with experts who cannot answer that question.

If you are doing a study of the differences between men and women, I would think you would have a clear understanding of how to define the two sexes. Of course, the researchers had to ask the question in a politically correct way: “What was your biological sex assigned at birth?

Of course, the second point about men and women being different is also controversial in our politically correct society. Thirty years ago, relationship counselor John Gray wrote the book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. It has sold at least 15 million copies. If the book came out today, I suspect there would be protests in the streets.

Let’s applaud a study that confirms the obvious and challenges some of the crazy, woke ideas in our society.viewpoints new web version

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