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Fake News Sites

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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Don’t believe everything you read. That has always been true, but it is especially important to remember now that there are so many fake news sites. A number of left-leaning bloggers have been planting fake news in order to trick conservatives into sharing it so they can then ridicule them.

One fake news site admitted to especially targeting Tea Party types since they can sometimes be fairly gullible. People who land on the site think it is legitimate since it often has a picture of Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz. The goal is to get a reporter or just a person surfing the net to fall for one of their hoaxes. They have been able to fool a Fox New host, a radio talk show host, and many other journalists.

By the way, there are also attempts to fool Christians These fake news bloggers take some comment in the news and make it many times worse. That is why it is worth having some discernment when you find something on the Internet. By the way, it is funny that sometimes the tactics of these liberal fake news sites backfire on liberals. One MSNBC host apparently fell for a story that said Sarah Palin wanted to invade Egypt.

There are ways to check the veracity of a story. Over the years, I have tried to address some of the perennial rumors that are spread by Christians on the Internet. You can type my name and the words “Christian rumors” to read the transcript of a week of radio programs that I have done to address many of these.

You should also check a story you read by comparing it to other legitimate news sources. If you only see the story that makes some outrageous claims on one blog and nowhere else, it is probably not true. Be careful. There are fake news sites being used to undermine your credibility.

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