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General Mark Milley
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

The last bastion of common sense and traditional values has been the military. But we are hearing some disturbing comments from several US generals and others in the upper echelon of the military.

One of the guests on my radio program suggested that military leaders might not advance above the rank of lieutenant colonel unless they embraced the new woke mindset of the Pentagon. That may or may not be true, but it might explain why we are hearing military leadership talking in ways we have never heard before.

General Mark Milley is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and apparently believes our biggest enemy isn’t overseas but right here within the military. He promised to root out white supremacy from their ranks and wants to “understand white rage” by reading more about critical race theory.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a disaster, even if the White House and some in the media try to put a positive face on it. Yet, on the day 13 service members died, what was the communication from the military? Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston sent out a tweet reminding Americans that “diversity is our strength.” This virtue signaling was the military’s effort to commemorate Women’s Equality Day.

By contrast, a Marine lieutenant colonel was relieved of his command for his video criticizing military leaders for the Afghanistan withdrawal. That would be some of the same top brass that constantly criticized former president Donald Trump for four years with impunity. General Michael Hayden compared Trump’s border facilities to Nazi death camps, and more recently the retired general retweeted a suggestion that unvaccinated Trump supporters should be put on planes back to Afghanistan.

These are a few very unfortunate examples of the type of military leadership we have today. viewpoints new web version

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