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Hearings on Radical Islam

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This country has been at war with radical Islamic terrorists since the late 1970s. We may not feel we have been at war. The terrorists know they have been at war with us.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich argues in a recent column that we need to develop a clear mission and strategy by holding congressional hearings. He reminds us of the “Long Telegram” written in 1946 that outlined the nature of the communist threat. More than 13 years after the 9/11 attack on America, we still do not have such a document as it relates to radical Islamic terrorism.

He says Congress should investigate the following issues. First, what is the current strength and growth rate of radical Islamists around the world? He is correct in saying that we need a detailed sense of the total picture.

Second, Congress needs to provide a country-by-country analysis of the danger from radical Islam. Just consider this one fact. Boko Haram has killed thousands more people in Nigeria than Ebola has killed in all of Africa. The American people would be shocked to discover the powerful influence radical Islam has in many countries.

Third, Congress must define and evaluate the role of the Muslim Brotherhood. Congress should also learn from some Arab countries (like Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco) about how to contain and minimize the threat of radical Islam.

Congress also needs to identify the primary sources of radical Islamist funding.  And it needs to investigate the radicalization that is taking place in many of this country’s mosques that were built with that money. And it needs to investigate the radicalization that takes place through social media.

Finally, Congress also needs to assess the potential cyber-threat from radical Islam. The hacking of the U.S. Central Command should be a warning to the government about future attacks.

Congress has an opportunity to study radical Islam and set forth a strategy for America to follow. If the current administration does not embrace the strategy, then the recommendations should become part of the 2016 presidential campaign.

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