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Hospitals Resist Change

healthcare change
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True health care reform will be difficult due to the many political and economic barriers erected by the health care stakeholders. Foster Friess was on my radio program recently to talk about his op-ed  When Hospitals Resist Change that ran in the Washington Times.

One problem is who gets to make decisions. Drug companies, insurance companies, and hospitals get to sit around the decision-making table while “the ‘patient lobby’ is sitting on the side of the room as observers along with doctors.”

Most Republican health care proposals include HSAs (health saving accounts) that give patients choice and autonomy. Hospitals don’t like them and “are delighted that Obamacare pays them for services for what they previously did not get adequately paid.”

He uses a great example. “When we drive from Arizona to Wisconsin and crash our car in Iowa, insurance covers it.”  But if we sustain injuries in the crash, our health insurance doesn’t function as efficiently and effectively as our car insurance. This is just one of many examples of the crazy health insurance system we currently have in America.

Foster Friess reminds us that a “one size fits all” solution does not apply in health insurance. Many of us would like a high deductible policy tied to HSAs, but that doesn’t work for everyone. Why not allow President Trump and Congress to write a federal check to each of the 50 states from what is now spent on Medicaid.

He also believes we should be allowed to buy a health care policy through an association of our choice (alumni group, church, bowling league). And they could be required to take on the small percentage of people with higher medical costs.

Foster Friess sees some of the health care obstacles but also has some creative ideas on how to overcome them.
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