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Ignorance and Arrogance

The Squad under capitol dome
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Columnist Derek Hunter observes that, “Separately, arrogance and ignorance are some of humanity’s worst traits. Together, when coupled with power, they achieve weapon-grade stupid status.” Harsh words, but they are most likely true. He applies this observation to the “Gang of Four” in Congress, also called “The Squad” that seems to be led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But before we talk about the latest conflicts in Congress with these women, consider how true this is becoming in every area of American life. Ignorance is the first issue. In many previous commentaries, I have cited studies showing how little college graduates know about history, government, and economics. This is where the problem of arrogance comes in. They “think” they know more than they actually do.

I have often said that some of the smartest people in the world are college seniors. Of course, they aren’t that smart, but so many of them think they are smart and sophisticated. I have found that sometimes you can’t tell some college graduates anything because they think they know it all. It gets worse if they also have political power and a large social media following.

Derek Hunter reminds us that “the Gang of Four have strung together an uninterrupted string of gaffes, stupid statements, and racist comments that would humiliate your average teenager.” Liberal journalists either tried to defend or else ignore so many of these statements. The Democrat leadership often ignored them, especially when the comments were aimed at Republicans.

Now that many of these criticisms are aimed at the leadership in Congress, you have an ideological civil war of words that is making the so-called “people’s House” sound more like Thunderdome. Members of Congress are being told they are racist or not sufficiently “woke” enough. Some members are threatening to “primary” other members.

This is what you get when you mix ignorance with arrogance and add political power.

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Ignorance and Arrogance

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