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Illegal Immigrant Terrorists

Map of Tajikistan and surrounds
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Depending on the news source you have, you may or may not have heard about the arrest of eight individuals from Tajikistan who are suspected terrorists. In case you are unfamiliar with that country, it is at least 95 percent Muslim and located near Afghanistan, Pakistan, and communist China. Put another way, they come from a country that has been a hotbed for radical Islamic terrorism.

The FBI and other intelligence agencies believe these eight illegal aliens were planning a terrorist attack like the attack at the Moscow concert hall. At least four of the men involved in that attack were from the group ISIS-K. All eight of these men are connected to ISIS-K.

How did they get into the US? First, let’s remember that President Joe Biden and Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas assure us that people crossing our border have been vetted. Second, we now know that at least one of these individuals used the app provided by the Biden administration that allowed people to get in the country. Third, some of the others were apparently intercepted by Border Patrol, supposedly vetted, and sent on their way.

Let that sink in for a moment. These men were not the “gotaways” I sometimes talk about in my commentaries. Yes, 8 million have crossed the border since President Biden took office, and another 2 million are “gotaways” that I usually suggest may be involved in trafficking or terrorism and did not want to be caught.

But these men were confident they could “game the system.” They didn’t even try to avoid being caught. And I might mention that another potential terrorist was caught in New York City with a full arsenal of weapons in his vehicle (such as loaded magazines and body armor).

This is the danger America faces from an open border and a vetting process that is broken.viewpoints new web version

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