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Ireland Honors Motherhood

Ewe & Lamb - Irish Blessing
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Penna Dexternever miss viewpoints

Last week Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Minneapolis to visit an abortion clinic. The Washington Post reports that this is ”believed to be the first time an American president or vice president has toured such a facility while in office.” Even pro-abortion administrations have never considered it good campaign strategy to showcase an abortion mill.

Until now.

The trip to Minnesota was the sixth stop on Vice President Harris’s “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms” tour. It took place a week after President Biden’s State of the Union address in which he highlighted his administration’s emphasis on abortion access. It’s interesting — though — that the president never used the word. CNN reports that his written speech “included the word: abortion, but he did not say it when he delivered the speech.” Mr. Biden once held to the Catholic position on the sanctity of human life. Perhaps he retains some lingering cognitive dissonance on the subject.

This White House has made broad abortion access a core campaign strategy aimed at attracting and galvanizing moderate voters. Are we really a country that has devalued motherhood to such a degree that a major party’s campaign would run on making it easier to abort children?

The Washington Stand reports that voters in Ireland recently honored motherhood. They voted down two proposed constitutional amendments: One, the Care Amendment, removed existing references to motherhood and statements regarding the contributions mothers in the home provide. Seventy-four percent of Irish voters rejected this change. And sixty-seven percent of Irish voters turned down an amendment that altered the Constitution’s declaration that the family “is founded” upon marriage, instead stating that the family may be “founded on marriage or on other durable relationships.”

Celebrating these votes, the pro-life, pro-family Irish Freedom Party stated, “The referendum results reveal a huge disconnect between the people of Ireland and the political establishment. They seem to live on a different planet to normal people.”

Hopefully, American voters will also honor motherhood.penna's vp small

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