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Islam at Home

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Americans have been watching the influence of Islam in Europe and in the Middle East and wonder what might happen in this country. One way to consider the potential influence of Islam is to look at the book by Peter Hammond, Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam. Most people have never read the book, but they probably have seen in an email one of the most quoted parts of the book.

He argues that when the Muslim population is under 2 percent (like in Canada) the influence of Islam is not significant. In the 2-5 percent range, they begin to seek converts and target the disaffected. When the population reaches 5 percent, they begin to exert their influence and start pushing for Sharia law.

Hammond sees a significant change when the Muslim population reaches 10 percent (as we see in France, Russia, and India). At that point, he says you see increasing levels of violence and lawlessness. Once the population reaches 20 percent (like in Ethiopia), there is an increase in rioting and jihad militias.

At 40 percent, nations like Bosnia and Lebanon experience widespread massacres and ongoing militia warfare. By the time half of the population is Muslim, he has found that the country persecutes infidels and apostates and implements Sharia law over all of its citizens.

After 80 percent, you see countries like Iran and Syria engage in persecution and intimidation as a daily part of life. Often state-run genocide develops in an attempt to purge all infidels. As the percentage of Muslims increase from there, you have “Dar-es-Saleem” the Islamic House of Peace.

Peter Hammond would probably be the first to say that these are generalizations and that there are exceptions to this general trend. But it is easy to see that from history and our current situation that when the Muslim population is small, their leaders’ focus is on winning converts and partially implementing Sharia law. But when their numbers are larger, the radical Muslim leaders take over and Islamic domination begins. That is why we should also pay attention to what happens at home.

Viewpoints by Kerby Anderson

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