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Karen Pence

Karen Pence teaches
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The wife of the Vice President, Karen Pence, used to teach art at Immanuel Christian School in Virginia when her husband served as a member of Congress. Her office announced that she would once again be teaching art in the school on a part-time basis.

That announcement was met with lots of criticism for one major reason. This Christian school (like so many others) requires students and parents to abide by a Christian code of conduct concerning sexual activity and traditional marriage.

A CNN writer describing the school’s conduct code said, “This language is disgusting.” Another was outraged she would be working at a school that “discriminated against LGBT adults and children.” One commentary suggested that the school is “like a real-life setting for ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’”

Of course, Karen Pence is merely the collateral target. The real target is the Christian school and other schools, universities, and seminaries that believe the Bible and want students to obey biblical commands. Just a decade or so ago, the Left and LGBT activists said they only wanted to co-exist. They wanted us to accommodate same-sex marriage and the homosexual lifestyle. Now institutional support for LGBT demands has moved toward institutional hostility toward Christian values and Christian institutions.

Immanuel Christian School is a ministry of the church. None of the critics of it are forced to attend the school or the church. Their tax dollars aren’t going to fund the tuition paid by the students. The school is a voluntary association. Karen Pence is willing to volunteer her time to teach art.

A few years ago, none of this was controversial. It only became controversial when the Left stopped pretending they wanted accommodation and started enforcing compliance to their demands.

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