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Liberal Dissatisfaction

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never miss viewpointsKerby Anderson

I believe it is important for Christians to understand the liberal mind. That is why I have written a booklet on “A Biblical View on the Liberal Mind.” Once you examine the assumptions of liberals and leftists you can see how their views are very different from a biblical perspective.

If you do not have a proper view of truth and the world, you will probably also find yourself dissatisfied with life. That is the conclusion of Michael McKenna at the Washington Times. He reminds us that academics have found that Americans who identify as politically liberal are less happy. “The quantity and durability of that data are not really in question.”

There is a reason for this. “It appears — and stop me if any of this sounds familiar — that happiness is at least partially about how connected a person is to other humans, particularly through the mechanisms of family, faith and community.”

Research by the Institute for Family Studies and the Wheatly Institution found that “happiness is directly related to greater family satisfaction and higher levels of religious attendance.” Another study concluded that liberals have become less happy over the last few decades.

Now you may be thinking, that is sad for liberals but what difference does it make? Michael McKenna connects the dots. He has found that “personal attitudes and beliefs tend to bleed into the body politic and ultimately find their way into government policies that affect us all.”

I think that explains why liberals, and especially leftists, have been in the process of deconstructing so much of American society. We have seen such revolutionary fervor before in places like France in 1789 and Russia in 1917.

That is why we should pay attention to liberal dissatisfaction in society.viewpoints new web version

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