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Love Thy Body

love thy body - book
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

The contemporary issues of abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, transgenderism, and the hookup culture seem very different. But they all illustrate in different ways a secular hostility to the human body. That is the premise of the new book by Nancy Pearcey with the title, Love Thy Body. She was on my radio program recently to explain how each of these issues goes back to a flawed perspective of our bodies.

Supporters of abortion say that the fetus is not a person even though it is biologically human. Personhood theory attempts to split facts and values by ignoring basic biological facts.

Homosexual activists disconnect sexuality from biological identity. This is not liberating but actually denigrates who we are as persons. Transgenderism detaches gender from biology and also has the tendency to demean the body.

The hookup culture is often criticized for putting too much value on the physical dimension of sex. Actually, it put too little because it only focuses on the physical and not the emotional and spiritual as well.

Nancy Pearcey wrote this book to call out those who try to argue that Christians and conservative people are anti-science. Actually, it is the secular, progressive worldview that has to turn away from science in order to maintain its worldview.

She also wrote the book to help Christians get beyond negative responses. Often, we are known for what we are against. We say: “it’s wrong” and “don’t do it.” We need to offer a positive message, and that is another value of the book.

We should also realize that these false ideas of the body aren’t just outside the church. They are found inside the church as well. She provides various statistics and examples to illustrate the need for all Christians to think biblically about every area of life.

This book will help you go beyond the politically correct slogans of our culture and begin to see the world from a biblical perspective.

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