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New World Order

biden-at nato-summit
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never miss viewpointsKerby Anderson

As President Joe Biden was leaving the NATO summit in Europe, he talked about his belief that the US should lead in this “new world order.” No one in the administration felt that this remarkable comment should be “cleaned up” or “clarified” or “corrected.” Fortunately, Colonel Oliver North felt it was worthy of some comments.

The idea of a new world order goes back to the 1940s when H.G. Wells published his nonfiction book on, The New World Order. He is best known as a science fiction writer who penned, The War of the Worlds. But he was also a “collectivist” who believed that a global government was the best way to protect human rights.

Today, the phrase “new world order” is used to promote the idea of removing national boundaries. An international body would be given the task of promoting global policies for the environment (like the Green New Deal) along with other utopian and socialist programs.

Colonel North argues that a Biden new world order would be one where the “federal government will dictate whether Americans must foreswear fossil fuels while our elites fly around in private jets.”

In the Biden new world order, “the People’s Republic of China will remain ascendent in economic and military power.” China is working to control valuable mineral resources and take over Taiwan and its microchip production. He also observes that, “Despite the genocide being perpetrated by Russia in Ukraine, Moscow still intends to use its fossil fuel to control Europe” and is helping Iran become a nuclear power that threatens Israel.

He concludes by arguing that “conservative patriots must retake the House of Representatives and Senate in November 2022 and the White House in 2024.” It’s time to pay attention to who you are electing to Congress and the presidency.viewpoints new web version

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