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Parenting Gen Z

Book cover - Parenting Gen Z
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Raising children in any generation is difficult, but the most challenging generation may be “Generation Z” (born between 1997 and 2012). Jason Jimenez writes about Parenting Gen Z: Guiding Your Child through a Hostile Culture. As a fellow parent, he understands that many parents are dealing with uncertainty and doubt as they are trying to raise spiritually healthy kids. This is most apparent with this young generation, who are the most non-Christian generation in American history.

He was on my radio program to offer biblical truths that would be helpful to parents trying to navigate the challenging conversations that influence their children in a secular and polarized culture. In many ways, they differ from previous generations due to the culture in which they live and due to the digital devices in their lives.

He wants parents to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses as they raise this young generation. He also highlights three flawed parenting styles. These are: control parenting which results in a failure to prepare, paranoid parenting which results in a failure to release, and detached parenting which results in a failure to provide.

He also supplies strategies to help parents build a home of love, discipline, and respect. He includes helpful chapters about challenging conversations about sex, gender, depression, suicide, abortion, and racism.

His book provides a helpful balance between the academic (his degrees in apologetics) and the practical. He is not only a worldview expert but the father of four Gen Z children. This is the book I want to put in the hands of parents raising the next generation.viewpoints new web version

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