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Paying for Abortion

taxpayers fund abortion
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

As I mentioned earlier this week, the Democratic presidential candidates disagree on a number of key issues. But there is one issue where there is unanimity. All of these Democrats want you to pay for abortions. That is the argument Alexandra Desanctis makes in a recent column.

There may be some disagreement among the candidates about whether to implement Medicare for All. There is even disagreement about which plans being put forward qualify as Medicare for All. But all of the plans being put forward assume that the federal government should cover abortion. She says, “even as Democratic candidates try to distinguish themselves on health care, all of them who have opined on the topic support a national health-care program that would finance every women’s abortion – at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason.”

American voters should pay attention to that last point. These candidates want abortion legal from conception to pregnancy for any reason or no reason at all.

I sometimes have a caller to my radio program arguing that we should find middle ground and establish a common-sense compromise on abortion. Of course, if you believe there is human life in the womb, you really can’t compromise on that. But even so, let me ask where is the middle ground? If you believe abortion should be legal for all nine months and you also believe that all American taxpayers should pay for it, where is the potential for compromise?

Before I close, let me explain one issue. Rarely do these candidates or these plans use the word abortion. Instead, they talk about “comprehensive reproductive care” or how their plan will guarantee a “woman’s right to choose.” I think we all know what that means and know how judges and bureaucrats will interpret such language in the law. It means fully funded abortions that you will have to pay for.

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