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Planned Parenthood and Hollywood

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Planned Parenthood has been facing some political setbacks in Congress and some state legislatures. But Planned Parenthood seems to be making some advances in the cultural arena. One example of that is the impact the organization is having in Hollywood.

The director of arts and entertainment engagement at Planned Parenthood was bragging the other day about her growing influence in Hollywood. She confirmed that the organization advised on more than 150 productions since 2014. This has been a concerted effort to influence the abortion dialogue and thus shape people’s perspectives.

The director explained that originally she would be watching TV and going to movies in order to figure out who might be open to including story lines. Now she has repeat clients and even has people calling her.

One article asks whether culture can change politics. That is hardly a difficult question. I’ve often said that politics is downstream from culture. Change culture and cultural perceptions and you will eventually change political perspectives.

I was completely unaware of the pervasive influence of Planned Parenthood in Hollywood. I was aware of the pro-abortion message in the film “Cider House Rules” that was based on the novel by John Irving. The coming-of-age story challenges the moral perspective of the character played by Tobey McGuire because of the doctor played by Michael Caine. The rules in the cider house are posted in the dorm of the workers. But they eventually decide to write their own rules, thus reinforcing the theme of moral relativism.

Although that was a blatant abortion message, apparently Planned Parenthood has been working behind the scenes to make sure a latent pro-abortion message appears in films rather than a pro-life message. That is why we always need discernment whenever we watch a film.

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Planned Parenthood and Hollywood

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