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Progressive Disillusionment

progressives protest against Israel for Hamas
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

The road to a progressive utopia has arrived at disillusionment for so many in the younger generation. New York Post writer Kendall Qualls begins, “Your intentions were noble. You wanted to make the country and the world a better place.” The goal of this emerging generation was to “fundamentally change America” by attempting to align their values with liberal progressive goals.

It seemed like the best way to deal with racism in this country was to support BLM and put law enforcement on notice. Unfortunately, something went wrong. Groups like BLM were supposed to implement beneficial programs “have proven to be inept, mismanaging funds and the leaders of the organization embezzled millions of dollars.” Even worse, BLM supported the terrorist group Hamas “that decapitates infants, sexually assaults women, and takes 80-year-old grandmothers as hostages.”

It seemed like the best way to provide fairness to the LGBQ movement was to promote same-sex marriage. “However, as the group started adding more letters (and numbers) to the movement, you forgot that most folks are uneasy with the idea of biological men competing against women in swimming, cycling, weightlifting and other sports where clearly men will dominate over women.”

Progressive policies in government aren’t working. “Crime continues to skyrocket in major cities nationwide. Black leaders seem unable or unwilling to subdue flash mobs of black youth who are shoplifting, carjacking, and brutalizing suburban moms.”

Progressive policies and organizations aren’t producing the desired effects in society. It is time for this generation to reevaluate their beliefs and assumptions.viewpoints new web version

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