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Race Hoaxes

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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Dennis Prager recently wrote a column presenting “5 Arguments Against ‘America is a Racist Country’.” His first argument was based on a previous column that asked, “If America Is So Racist, Why Are There So Many Race Hoaxes?” It’s a good question. If racism is as prevalent as activists want us to believe, you wouldn’t expect so many hate crime hoaxes based on race.

In many previous columns, I have written about the number of fake hate crimes. There are even websites devoted to the long and growing list of them. All of them come from people trying to prove that this country is full of racism, homophobia, and Islamophobia. In a number of cases, the perpetrators are merely trying to draw attention to themselves.

Dennis Prager provides a dozen examples of race hoaxes. Some are fairly well known like the allegations against the Duke lacrosse team back in 2006. Others are not so familiar. It was amazing to me how many of the examples he provided involved a “noose” hanging on a truck or around a university lamp.

Of course, we have the “noose” found in the garage of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace that was merely a garage pull that existed long before he was assigned that garage. And there is the story of Jesse Smollett. He was supposedly attacked by people wearing MAGA hats, and he added a “noose” around his neck to make it even more convincing. The rope was purchased by his two conspirators a few days before.

You would think the Jesse Smollett incident would diminish the number of race hoaxes, but I found two more just the other day. A university student said he found a racist note on his car, but surveillance cameras only saw him near his car. An Oregon commissioner candidate claimed a racist note was put in his mailbox. Eventually, he admitted he actually wrote it.

Unfortunately, these race hoaxes keep coming week after week.

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