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Rise in Antisemitism

Pro-Hamas protesters in the US
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Antisemitism is on the rise in nearly every country. Who would have expected to hear “Gas the Jews” in Sydney, Australia? Jewish students in Germany are being warned by their parents not to wear the Star of David in public. Justin Cohen in a BBC story warns, “The Jewish community at the moment is full of dread, full of fear, like I’ve never seen before.”

Those are just a few examples cited by Michael Brown in his commentary, “Wake Up World Before Jewish Blood is Shed in Your Country.” He is pleading with the public to take the recent antisemitic events seriously. He says we need to stand up, speak out, and push back.

The problem of antisemitism has become so severe that the European Union issued a statement about antisemitic incidents in Europe. “The spike of antisemitic incidents across Europe has reached extraordinary levels in the last few days, reminiscent of some of the darkest times in history. European Jews today are again living in fear.”

Alan Dershowitz concludes that “the Democratic Party now faces a choice.” He sees a fracture in the party between centrist and liberal Jews and the woke, anti-Israel progressives. He understands that left-leaning young people often inject vitality and enthusiasm into progressive causes. But now they seem to be embracing bloodlust. And he also points to faculty on elite college campuses that have signed open letters supporting the Hamas attacks.

He first voted for John F. Kennedy in 1960 and has voted for Democrats ever since. But if the woke-hard-left succeeds in taking over the party, he predicts that millions of American Jews like him will turn from blue to red. This has implications for our next election.viewpoints new web version

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