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Ruling Class

Every year the Ruling Class in America takes more power away from the people by seizing control of the government. Lawrence Lindsey writes about this in his new book, Conspiracies of the Ruling Class. The irony is that many people might actually think he is part of the Ruling Class. He has served as a Federal Reserve Governor, Harvard professor, and assistant to three presidents. That is why the observations in his book are so powerful.

He documents the shift of power to the Ruling Class in two ways. First, there is the shift of power to the federal government away from the states and local governments. Second, is the shift from elected representatives to bureaucrats and the Ruling Class.

He gives lots of examples. He talks about how the FCC gave itself regulatory power over the Internet. By a vote of 3-to-2, they gave themselves the power without any input from our elected representatives. Lawrence Lindsey says it doesn’t matter if that was a good decision or a bad decision. The problem is that three unelected bureaucrats decided whether they should have that power.

The Ruling Class believes it knows better than Congress. He says they have a progressive superiority complex and have been attacking and undermining the Constitution for nearly a century.

The EPA, for example, was granted regulatory control of “navigable waters” under the 1972 Clean Water Act. The states were given control of other bodies of water. But the EPA decided to give itself more power by redefining the term “navigable.” I think we all know what the word “navigable” means. It means you can navigate it in a boat. Instead, the EPA defined it to be any body of standing water.

Lawrence Lindsey’s book reminds us that we need to work to break the power grab of our current leaders and replace them with real leaders and statesmen.

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Ruling Class

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