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Saving America

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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

When the year 2022 was coming to an end, and when a new Congress convened in 2023, there were a few articles talking about saving America. I thought I would add my thoughts to this growing list of what needs to be fixed in this country.

Soon I will be traveling to various radio stations and will speak at listener events. One question I often get is whether it is even possible to save America. As a Christian, I believe we need a revival or great awakening to save this country. But it is still important for us to show the way, even if the American people lack the will.

First, we need to secure our border. One example I use is when we had a water leak at our house. It makes no sense to mop up the water until you turn off the water. Before we can have a reasonable debate about what to do with the 20-30 million illegal aliens in this country, we need a secured border.

Second, we need to cut our federal debt. Our national debt of $31 trillion is approximately 130 percent of this country’s GDP. We have dug ourselves into a deep economic hole. The annual federal deficits are more than a trillion dollars each year. For comparison, the federal government didn’t have its first trillion-dollar budget until 1987.

Third, we need to focus on the US military. In previous commentaries, I have discussed the fact that our armed forces are overcommitted and underfunded. We face potential threats from China, Russia, and various Middle East countries and terrorists. I admit that there is waste in the Pentagon budget, but that should not keep us from funding a military that can protect the peace.

We can fix these problems and many others, but the real question is whether we have the will. So far, our leaders and most of the voting public don’t seem interested in taking steps that would save America.viewpoints new web version

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