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Superhero Lunchboxes

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Political correctness seems to be in full force these days in the public school. And common sense seems to be in short supply. The latest example is Laura who was sent home with a note explaining that she could not bring a Wonder Woman lunchbox to school. I’m not kidding. You must be wondering what could be offensive about bringing a superhero lunchbox to school. The school officials were glad to explain.

The dress code of the school requests that students not bring violent images into the building. I think we could all agree with that. But the interpretation went the wrong direction. They defined “violent characters” as those individuals who solve problems using violence. They therefore argued that superheroes fall into the category.

Jonah Goldberg reminded us in a recent column that many other people fit into that category. George Washington and all the founding fathers certainly could be considered people who solved a problem using violence. Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt can be put into that category, along with most of our presidents. Our current president used SEAL Team Six to take out Osama bin Laden.

The security guard at the school and local mall as well as any police officer could be put into that category. Any member of the military, including everyone in the Pentagon would also qualify.

I understand why the school administrators don’t want to send the message that violence is the way to solve problems. They don’t want students thinking that hitting another student is a good thing. But there is a bigger problem here. We seem to be telling the next generation that violence is never the way to solve a problem. It may not be the best solution, but in times of war and terrorism, it may be the only way to solve a problem.

At the very least, can’t school officials use some common sense? Make a distinction between super-villains who use their powers for evil and superheroes who rescue people and use their powers for good.

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